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Basted Beef Collagen Stick 6"

Basted Beef Collagen Stick 6"

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HeroDogTreats 100% natural beef basted collagen treats, wrapped in beef trimmings are a long-lasting chew that helps promote healthy teeth and gums. Rich in amino acids to help reduce joint pain and keep your pets coat shiny. Great for heavy chewers.


Collagen is found below the top layer of skin (two layers below the tough outer layer that is used for leather, upholstery, and notably, rawhide) and is one of the key elements in connective tissue. This highly digestible treat also helps reduce plaque and tartar while providing chewing entertainment.


6" (15cm)

Care Instructions

Keep it in cool and dry place, avoid direct sun.

Please provide plenty of fresh water when giving any chew or treat.
Observe your dog while they enjoy it.

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