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Cat Horizontal Scratching Pad

Cat Horizontal Scratching Pad

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Made of durable natural sisal, strong enough to resist the sharpest claws long enough.


-Featuring great wear resistance, the cat scratch pad can be used to as a floor mat and can also be hooked on the wall or sofa for cat to grind paws so as to prevent from destroying furniture everywhere.

-Creative fruit series appearance and bright color design, the cat scratcher pad easily arouse pet's interest to play it to reduce boredom and can also be used as a mat for pet to sleep on it.

-The cat scratcher pad is made of premium sisal, wear-resistant, anti-scratch, non-slip material is not easy to move, easy to clean


See pictures for sizing.

Care Instructions

-Please keep this scratch board away from fire and water.

-Place it where the cat likes to scratch, to your sofa, carpet, and furniture from damage

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