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Catnip Lollipop Ball with Silvervine Stick 1pc

Catnip Lollipop Ball with Silvervine Stick 1pc

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Catnip Balls Natural Lollipop Cat Toys


-Catnip ball toy lollipops are made from "Catnip" and "Silver Vine". It relieve stress, anxiety and boredom.

-is great for adapting to new environments and shelters.

-Silver vines are the branches and leaves of kiwi fruit that can cause cat reactions such as rolling, running back and forth, and snoring. This is normal and will return to normal within 30 minutes.

-Cats' reactions to catnip include: happily rolling on the ground, meowing, rubbing catnip with their heads, etc., which can stimulate the cat's-gastrointestinal motility, thereby helping the cat to expel the serving.

-These catnip ball toys help your cat get rid of the hair in the bowels, thereby reducing his discomfort. Your cat can keep his mouth clean and healthy by chewing on these compressed catnip ball toys, perfect for cats.


1 pc included
14cm x 4cm / 5.5" x 1.57" (Approx.)
Material: Catnip + Silvervine + Edible Glue

Care Instructions

-This toy can help improve dental health and reduce stress. Catnip effects are already well known by cat owners.

-You can let the cat smell it when the cat feels listless to make it active, get rid of melancholy mood.

-Reactions may include chewing, rubbing, licking, running, rolling, purring, and unbearable cuteness.

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