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Coffee Wood Dog Chew Stick

Coffee Wood Dog Chew Stick

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  • Great for dogs who love to chew on wood - all-natural and safe
  • Made from Coffee tree wood
  • Ideal for tooth and gum care
  • Odorless - will not stain
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Made in Vietnam


-Our long-lasting and highly digestible chews are made from 100% natural coffee tree wood, it is a lot harder than other wood, particularly resilient and less likely to splinter, and the wood is sustainably sourced.

-It improves and encourages mechanical cleaning of the teeth. Small fibers that act as supplementary tooth floss and cleaners are released when coffee wood is chewed. Your dog's teeth will receive natural dental care with each bite of abrasive chews, and you won't have to worry about gum disease or plaque buildup.

-It is completely harmless, non-toxic, and much safer than chewing on actual sticks. Your dogs won't develop an allergy to real coffee wood. This chew toy is a great substitute for chews that contain fat or sugar because it has no calories.


XS Dia: 1.2-2cm, Length: 12-15cm, Weight: 20-40g
S Dia: 2-2.8cm, Length: 16-18cm, Weight: 35-80g
M Dia: 2.6-3.5cm, Length: 19-21cm, Weight: 70-120g
L Dia: 4-5cm, Length: 20-25cm, Weight: 160-350g
XL Dia: 5-7cm, Length: 25-30cm, Weight: 400-650g

Care Instructions

Simply allow the fabric to air dry if it becomes wet. Coffee wood is created from coffee plants, devoid of additives, caffeine, and artificial components.

Due to the individuality of each natural chewing stick, there may be some variations in size, weight, shape, and color, cracks holes or knob scars are normal in natural coffee wood.

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