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Cooling Vest Jacket

Cooling Vest Jacket

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Keep your dog happy and relaxed during the summer heat with the Cooling Vest. This lightweight cooling vest is crafted with a 100% polyester shell and lining with a 50% rayon/50% polyester interior, no chemical coolants added into this vest as it uses the evaporated cooling method. 

The cooling vest fits over your dog's head and has an adjustable chest area to ensure a secure


Just pour water on the vest, wring it out, put on your best friend. As the water evaporates through the breathable mesh, your dog's core temperature will stay nice and cool.


S: Neck-41cm, Chest-42-52cm, Back Length-33cm
M: Neck-48cm, Chest-52-64cm, Back Length-43cm
L: Neck-55cm, Chest-62-75cm, Back Length-50cm
XL: Neck-63cm, Chest-72-102cm, Back Length-57cm

Care Instructions

How to use Cooling Vest
1. Soak vest into water until fully wet.
2. Squeeze residual water till no dripping.
3. Or leave it inside freezer at max 10 mins for optimal result.
4. Add more water to keep it cool when vest is dry
5. Please supervise your pet at all times and remove it if necessary.

Machine Washable

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