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Cotton Rope Braided Chewing Toys For Pet

Cotton Rope Braided Chewing Toys For Pet

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Handmade natural cotton and linen, safety and environmental protection, away from plastic and chemical odours, while cleaning teeth and massaging gums, reducing plaque buildup and preventing gum disease, can be cleaned to ensure dog health and safety.

The rope chew toy feature solid knots that helps clean dog's teeth and improve dental health.


-NATURAL COTTON MATERIAL: Made of natural cotton material, soft, safe and non-toxic.

-PERFECT AS A FETCH TOY: Bright colors and shape of giraffe, make it perfect as a fetch toy.

-REDUCE THE DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: Reduce the destructive behavior of dogs, such as bite the wire etc.

-EXTRA VALUE: It brings extra value of good health as it's high quality fiber cotton can floss your pet's teeth as it is playing with it.

-HAPPY AND CLEAN THEIR TEETH: Not only this will keep the puppy happy, but also help pet grind his teeth, strengthen and clean their teeth.


Duck: 13 x 9cm / 80g
Bunny: 15 x 7cm / 95g
Octopus: 12 x 7cm / 70g
Carrot: 20cm / 55g
Orange: 6.5cm / 60g
Pear: 12cm / 80g
Strawberry: 8cm / 42g
Lion: 15cm / 90g
Tree: 18cm / 95g
Turtle: 15cm / 125g

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