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Disposable Pet Grooming Wipes

Disposable Pet Grooming Wipes

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Works for both dogs and cats


-Using plant extracts, can effectively remove dirt from pets and keep the fragrance lasting. Gentle for sensitive areas yet tough enough for difficult odours & mess.

-Selected high-quality polyester-cotton cloth, soft and comfortable. more suitable for pet bathing. Clean your pets, ears, paws, etc. in more detail.

-Disposable, no-wash design, open the package, take it out, and throw it away after use. It's that simple.

-Used when your pet has an accident, You can use it as you want without drying or damaging your pet's skin. Can be used to clean your pet after a day of outdoor fun on trails, beaches, or shopping.

-Free your hands and bring you the greatest convenience. A portable package does not take up much space, you can carry it separately. you can use this pet wipe to help your dogs or cats take a bath at home or on the go.


Approx. 20 x 15cm x 80pc / bag

Care Instructions

-Do not plush into toilet

-Keep lid closed after each use from drying out

-Store out of reach of children and pets, near room temperature

-Pull wipe up to remove from package and gently wipe entire pet until clean. Do not use directly in the pet's eyes. Safe when used as directed on pet's face, ears, paws, tail and body and on pets that groom themselves. Gentle for everyday use.

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