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Disposable Rinse Free Pet Washing Gloves

Disposable Rinse Free Pet Washing Gloves

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An easy way to clean your pet after walking outdoors.

An easy way to keep your pet clean during grooming without taking a bath

A way for your furry friend to wash up quickly before returning to your vehicle from a hike or camp

Instant pet bath gloves are very simple and convenient, all you need to do is lather, scrub and dry with a towel. it will become your preferred solution to keep your pet fresh, clean, and happy.


-Works for both dogs and cats

-Using plant extracts, can effectively remove dirt from pets and keep the fragrance lasting. Gentle for sensitive areas yet tough enough for difficult odours & mess.

-Selected high-quality polyester-cotton cloth, five-finger design, soft and comfortable. more suitable for pet bathing. Clean your pets, ears, paws, etc. in more detail.

-Disposable pet cleaning gloves, no-wash design, open the package, take it out, and throw it away after use. It's that simple. Each glove is in a separate sealed package.

-Used when your pet has an accident, You can use it as you want without drying or damaging your pet's skin. Can be used to clean your pet after a day of outdoor fun on trails, beaches, or shopping.

-Free your hands and bring you the greatest convenience. A portable package does not take up much space, you can carry it separately. you can use this pet wipe to help your dogs or cats take a bath at home or on the go.


Weight: Approx.45g
Specification: 6 Pc/box

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