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Dog Halti Training HeadCollar

Dog Halti Training HeadCollar

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Its unique design works by gently directing the dogs head, steering him into desired positions just like a horse.

Halter is a comfortable and humane way to prevent your dog from pulling on the leash during walks and other situations that require control. The head halter fits around your dog’s head and nose (similar to a horse’s halter). It is not for use as a muzzle. This prevents choking and reduces your dog’s urge to pull. By using a head-collar like this one, you get maximum steering efficiency. Walking your dog becomes safer and more pleasant for both you and your dog


-Designed to fit dogs in different size.

-Provides maximum comfort and optimum fit no matter what shape or size.

-Designed with soft neoprene and padded for maximum comfort for your pet.

-Design makes it difficult for dogs to remove with their paws

-Quick release buckles

-Deters pulling

-Reflective trim


L: 7.8-11.8" (20-30cm), Width 0.98“ (2.5cm)
XL: 11-14.9" (28-38cm), Width 0.98“ (2.5cm)

Care Instructions

Machine wash gentle or hand wash. Air dry

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