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Forest Animals Bendable Fridge Magnet Hook

Forest Animals Bendable Fridge Magnet Hook

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This cute animal magnet legs can be used as a hook that can withstand a weight of 350g, used to hang different items such as clips, utensils and keys.


-Perfect for office magnets, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets, calendar magnets, map magnets, cabinets, refrigerator, steel filing cabinet, steel storage cabinet and any other magnetic metal surface.

-Powerful magnet which can keep thick photos stable and also can be used to hang office, classroom and kitchen supplies, such as paper clips, keys, utensils, etc.

-Can also be used as a stand for coats, calendars and other tools.

-Cute animal magnetic hooks make your decoration more dynamic, more interesting and can also be save space.


Size vary: Approx. 12.5cm X 5.3cm (4.9" X 2")

Care Instructions

-Plastic bags can be dangerous. Keep out of reach of children, infants, and pets. Bags may cause suffocation if used improperly.

-These product is not a toy for small children or pets. Product is a Choking Hazard, it has two small magnets which are dangerous when swallowed.

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