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Freeze Dried Country Chicken MeatBalls

Freeze Dried Country Chicken MeatBalls

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  • Free range country chicken is the star of these delectably meaty treats.
  • Feature a simple recipe and are free of hormones and antibiotics.
  • Freeze-dried to lock in key nutrients including protein and fiber.
  • All-natural recipe means you won’t have to wonder what’s in your pup’s snack.
  • Low-calorie meatballs make a paw-some treat for training sessions.


-Whether you’re looking for a training treat or a protein-packed snack, your furry family will paw-sitively adore JAC Gourmet Free Range Country Chicken Freeze-Dried Meatball Treats!

-They’re hormone- and antibiotic free and made with 96% chicken meat, organs, and bones. The simple, all-natural recipe is sure to be a hit with choosy pet parents. To top it off, the low-calorie bites are also a great way to give your good girl some extra fiber and protein.

For a treat that rewards your dog’s tastebuds and nourishes their body, toss them a PAC Freeze-Dried Meatball!


99g / 3.5oz


Chicken with Ground Bone, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Salt, Sage.

Care Instructions

Keep it in cool and dry place, avoid direct sun.

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