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Hedgehog Scratcher For Cat

Hedgehog Scratcher For Cat

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  • Helps remove and collect loose hair
  • Can be easily mounted on either flat wall or corner surfaces, with screws (optional) or the adhesive strips (included)
  • Includes a small pouch of catnip herb, for use in the inner brush compartment as extra incentive
  • Combine with Teasing Wand with Suction Cap as a complete set


-It fits almost all corners, table legs, and cabinet corners and can be easily installed on corner surfaces with the adhesive strips included in the package.

-It's easy to disassemble and clean.Hand wash the self-comb with natural soap and rinse thoroughly,then re-lock to the base for easy long-term use.

-This is made of PP and TPR materials, safe and odourless, with a long service life. Kittens will not feel uncomfortable when rubbing their bodies. also helps them to itch. It can also groom lost cat hair.

-It is well fixed whether it is a round or right angle.You can mount the product at the right height for your cat.

-Cat Scratcher has an air hole design, you can store the right amount of catnip inside, and the scent of catnip will be emitted through the air hole to attract your cat's interest.


A bag of catnip included

Care Instructions

-Ensure this product is suitable for your cat and always supervise during play.

-This product is not indestructible, so for your cat’s safety examine the item regularly for wear and tear and replace at first signs of damage or if parts become detached.

-Keep out of reach from children

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