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Multi-function Cross Body Leash

Multi-function Cross Body Leash

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-HiDREAM Profusion series multi-Purpose Dog Leash is made of strong durable material and padded lining for comfort grip.

-Also designed to be adjustable: to wear as a sling over the shoulder and under the arm, or to wear as a belt onto the waist for a hand-free walking experience.

-Complete your gear with Adjustable No Pull Dog Harness


-Fully adjustable In order to meet different needs, aside from regular leash function, it can also be wear as a sling (over the shoulder and under the arm)

-or as a belt onto the waist by simply adjust the size of the hand loop. Either way, free your hand from the leash.

-Can be attached to pouch for free storage room for waste bag, phone, keys or cards. (purchased separately)

-Two thick chrome-plated metal buckle is chosen for its strong sense of quality and longer lifespan. Can be holding two pets at same time. The handle adopts a comfortable padded cushioning to protect your hands from fatigue and help retain a firm grip.

Care Instructions

-Sizing should allow room for two fingers to fit between the item and the neck.

-The harness is not intended for all-day wearing. Please only have your dog wear it only during necessary activities, such as dog walks or training

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