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Pet Cooling Scarf Neck Wrap

Pet Cooling Scarf Neck Wrap

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Pet Cooling Scarf


-The ice towel is made of cotton and polyester on the outside and PE material on the inside. The material is light, thin, breathable and highly absorbent.

-Foldable, easy to store and carry.

-Remains hydrated up to 6 hours, re-usable and can be hung to dry

-The ice towel contains crystalline polymer material, and the beads become cold after absorbing water and swelling, which can lower the body temperature.


5 x 100 cm

Care Instructions

-Soak the ice scarf in water for 10-15 minutes. The ice towel slowly absorbs water and swells. Do Not over soak - Over soaking may result in the non-toxic contents to leak out making them less useable.

-Wear around pet’s neck, forehead, or wrist. In fully-hydrated, this will keep your pet cool for days without ice. You can re-soak or dip in water periodically as you wear them to freshen them up or hydrate a bit more as the water evaporates.

-Freezing is not recommended as it changes the properties of the polymer crystals.

-For cleaning, rinse off with a couple drops of shampoo.

-It usually takes 3 to 7 days (depending on the humidity of air) for water in the crystals of the cooling bandanas to be completely evaporated. During that time, keep bandanas in airy place without direct sunlight.

-Soak cooling bandanas in water for several minutes to re-activate.

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