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Pet Frisbee Flying Disc Toy

Pet Frisbee Flying Disc Toy

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Natural rubber Frisbee


-Interactive play, when the owner with a flying disc and dog play together, throwing can provoke the dog's natural chase desire, not only can exercise running jump ability, but also increase the feelings between the owner and the dog.

-This 18.3 cm(diameter) high-flying disc has a state of the art aerodynamic design that can be easily thrown in a flick of the wrist and won’t wear out your arm. Being floatable and waterproof, this is not only perfect on land, it can also be played in water such as a swimming pool, sea, river or lake.

-This multiple colour flying disc is highly visible to your dog because unlike humans, any color in the spectrum of blue is most distinct and bright to them. Made from soft plastic, it is extremely durable but very gentle on your pet’s mouth.

-Natural rubber makes for a softer, more forgiving catch. It also provides a dynamic bounce if your dog misses the initial throw.



Care Instructions

-Pet should be supervised when playing with this toy. Remove toy from pet if any parts become loose or detached.

-Please pay attention to play safely. Frisbee toys are interactive toys. Do not leave the Frisbee alone to pets to chew on and play with. If damaged, remove and replace the toy

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