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Pom Pom Cat Ball with Bells

Pom Pom Cat Ball with Bells

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Don't like traditional squeaking toys? We've got you! You would not mind hearing gentle bell sounds as your furry child plays around the house with these Cat Toy.


-Our colourful cat ballsIt are hand-bonded with a bouncy ball, odorless and elastic, throws a slight bounce on the ground, safe for pet to bite and play with.

-Bright colors and cute shapes attract cat's interest and attention. Built-in bells, it will produce sound, adding fun to your cat.

-Your cat will love these pom pom toys and be less lonely when you are not at home. They also can help cats clean teeth and remove tartar when they chew and play with them. Encourage cats the natural instincts of chasing, scratching, catching.

-These plush bouncy balls are perfect for pet training and burning off extra energy from your kitties. Your cat will enjoy hours of fun while playing with these toys. Bring you and your pets a happy time.


Size: 50mm
2 balls / Set

Care Instructions

Pet should be supervised when playing with this toy. Remove toy from pet if any parts become loose or detached.

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