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Tasselled Cat Teaser Sticks

Tasselled Cat Teaser Sticks

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They can help the cats consume vigor and do physical exercise, Promote their healthy growth and provide them with much fun, You will have a fun time with your lovely kittens.

This toy as play therapy can help with shy/ nervous cats, Get close to your cats by teasing them and playing together, The hairballs and tassels is soft and resistant to bite, safe and durable won't hurt the cat's claws while playing


Bright colors easy to attract cat attention and timulate the hunting instincts, The bells to stimulate the cat's curiosity and make it fun

Quality colored pompoms are beautiful and bite-resistant. Won't be torn off easily and can prevent swallowed by mistake. They won't hurt cat's mouth when playing. Safe, non-toxic, It is safe and soft for her to play with.


Stick Length: 40cm / 15.5"
Tassel Length: 20cm / 7.8"

Care Instructions

Plastic could be harmful for children and pets, please keep it away from them.

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