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Throw and Flash Toys

Throw and Flash Toys

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The Throw & Flash range is designed for maximum excitement - each toy is lightweight, easy to throw and retrieve, designed to bounce erratically for more engaging play and lights up on impact, helping to stimulate your dog. The ridges of the toy are designed to promote chewing and will help to clean teeth and massage gums.


-Multi-coloured light up bone, dog toy for dogs. Lights

-Fun and durability equals a Happy Pet!

-GREAT for interactive play in low light conditions. PERFECT for play-time!

-ADDITION to the ever popular and ever growing Rosewood Jolly Doggy range of dog toys. Also available as a Catch and Flash Ball.


Bone: 2.83 x 5 x 2.83 inches; 130g
Ball: 3 inches in dimension, 130g

Contain non replaceable button catteries.

Care Instructions

Please supervise pet when playing.

PLEASE CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE BALL: Make sure the ball you are choosing is the right sized ball for your dog.

-Balls can be a choking hazard. Make sure the ball cannot fit beyond your dog's front teeth, and always supervise your dog when playing. After your dog's play session is over, put the ball away and don't allow your dog to keep chewing on it.

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