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Cactus Massage Comb Wall Stand For Cat

Cactus Massage Comb Wall Stand For Cat

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Treat your cat to the fun of scratching with the stylish Cactus Comb Stand. Its cactus-shaped structure and soft gel bristles are designed to get rid of dead hair providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The stand will make a welcome addition to any home.


-It's easy to disassemble and clean.Hand wash the self-comb with natural soap and rinse thoroughly, then re-lock to the base for easy long-term use.

-This is made of PP and TPR materials, safe and odourless, with a long service life. Kittens will not feel uncomfortable when rubbing their bodies. also helps them to itch. It can also groom lost cat hair.

-This Cactus Cat Comb Stand is ideal for cats! Made of soft gel material, it sports a fun cactus shape that will keep your cats engaged and active while they stretch.

-The Cactus Comb Stand for Cats is a unique way for your feline friend to have fun and stay healthy. With rotating catnip balls, your cat can enjoy hours of play.


Size: 30 x 19 x 18.5 cm, see picture for more details
Two catnip balls are included

Care Instructions

-Ensure this product is suitable for your cat and always supervise during play.

-This product is not indestructible, so for your cat’s safety examine the item regularly for wear and tear and replace at first signs of damage or if parts become detached.

-Keep out of reach from children

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