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Cat Feather Teaser Sticks

Cat Feather Teaser Sticks

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-It is the most popular toy for cats! Cats will flip, jump, jump, chase and lick these feathers to predict the toy, which will keep your cat healthy and away from obesity and depression.

-Made From Safe, Eco-friendly, Durable, Non-toxic material. These interactive cat teasing toys are made of natural feathers. They are non-toxic materials and friendly to cats. Natural feathers inspire the wild nature of cats. Just tap your wrist and the cat will flip and jump to catch the feathers.

-The cat feather toys can stimulate the cat's natural instinct to chase, assault and track. This cat stick not only entertains and trains your cat, but also builds trust and relationships between you and your cat.


Sticks: length-62cm / 24"

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