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Companion Soothing Quiet Toy for Pets

Companion Soothing Quiet Toy for Pets

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The Companion Soothing Quiet Toy for Pets is designed to comfort and soothe your pet. It’s not intense for chewing or biting. The calming toy is perfect for times when your pet needs some extra soothing and companionship.



-The toy has no squeaking noise, creating a quieter and more restful environment in your home.

-The Companion Soothing Quiet Toys for Pets provide a calming and comfortable companion for your pet. The soft and cuddly design is perfect for snuggling with your pet, giving them a sense of security and calming them in moments of stress.

-Get your pet the relaxing distraction it needs with this Companion Toy today!


Total length - 50cm
Sitting height - 30cm

Care Instructions

Machine washable with mild soap and cold water

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