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LED Pet Collar Light Pendant

LED Pet Collar Light Pendant

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The pet collar pendant light is used for keeping your pet safe, visible for more than 900 feet. It can be illuminated at any time during the night to keep track of the where of the dog, anti-loss, prevent it from accident, and better protect the safety of the dog.


-Made of high quality and standard silicone material

-Easy installation: can attached to bags, children's backpacks and key ring

-It can provide flashing LED to light up your way through the dark and keep your dog highly visible outside during walking in a low light environment around 300 meters (900 feet)visibility

-How to set the glowing models: 3 glowing models: Pressing the Button/Quickly Glowing/Slowly Glowing/Steady Glowing/OFF

-Water Resistant: Can be used at all weather and condition.

-The pendants can also be used as our keychain, zipper, backpack decorations hanging on it, fashion,night can hang on the bike and other tools to do lighting.


One Size Only - D 6x2.5cm (2.3"x0.98")
One Battery included

Care Instructions

-Though its water resistant, but do not place it in water for long period of time nor soak into water.

-Don't forget to remove the clear plastic piece at back to activate the battery.

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