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Multi Function Shock Absorbing Dog Leash with Seat Belt Buckle

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-This multi function dog leash is a special design built with a shock absorbent spring to make your arms survive those harsh walks with dogs that think they're beasts.
-The super seat belt buckle use strong material that you just have to push in to get it tightly locked.


-The shock absorbing part prevents and reduces the physical injury caused by a dog's sprint to itself and the owner.

-The holder is make of silk, Dacron and diving fabric based on thickening treatment

-Strong metal hook swivels 360 degrees

-While driving, attached seat belt buckle the scope of your loved pet can be controlled, but also no physical or emotional damage to the dog.

-Superior quality thick chrome plated metal buckle are chosen for it has strong sense of quality and longer lifespan.

-Special add on emergency handle for easy control of dog.

-Night reflective strips makes night dog walking safer.


Max Length: 145cm (4.75 feet)
Up to 200kg (440 lbs)

Care Instructions

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