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Solid Wood Turntable Food Leaking Pet Toy

Solid Wood Turntable Food Leaking Pet Toy

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This toy is designed for small dogs and cats. Use food as a motivation to guide your furry friends to use their intelligence and hunting skills, staying true to their nature, and when they succeed, they are rewarded.


-Fill the balls with your pet's favorite food or freeze-dried treats, and they hard work on food will slow down eating speed, promote a healthy eating, and enjoy the fun.

-360 degree rotation high quality spring steel, good elasticity, no deformation, corrosion resistance, durable.

-Wooden cat ball track toy with natural pine wood, eco-friendly and odourless, cat wheel trainer for
indoor cats, gifts for cats and kittens.


Approximate Dimensions (Product): 27 x 12cm

Care Instructions

-Ensure this product is suitable for your cat and always supervise during play.

-This product is not indestructible, so for your cat’s safety examine the item regularly for wear and tear and replace at first signs of damage or if parts become detached.

-Keep out of reach from children

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