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USB Charging Retractable Dog Leash with LED Light

USB Charging Retractable Dog Leash with LED Light

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Retractable dog leash with USB charging flashlight, 10ft heavy duty dog walking leash for small to medium dogs. Quick lock, pause and unlock buttons-scroll up and down easily with just your thumb, 360° tangle free


- High-concentration LED light, with a range of 3m, gives you maximum visibility and safety while walking at night. with USB charging port, rechargeable.

-Safety dog leash-a nylon traction rope, sturdy and durable, ensuring the safety of the dog and the owner. The nylon material can be used for a long time and is not easy to break

-Suitable for any type of small and medium-sized dogs. , It is very suitable for walking, jogging, running, camping and hiking, or going out and strolling leisurely in the backyard



Includes:1 Retractable Dog Leash; 1 USB charging cable

Adapter sold separately, can be charged with computer, power bank, wall plug.

Care Instructions

Plastic bags can be dangerous. Keep out of reach of children, infants, and pets. Bags may cause suffocation if used improperly.

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