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Waterproof Silicone Collapsible Dual-Use Bowl For Pet

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Waterproof Silicone Collapsible Dual-Use Bowl For Pet


-The dog travel bowls are designed with non-skid and flipping proof silicone mat which could prevent bowls from moving around. So large travel dog bowls could stay sturdy and won't trip over when feeding.

-Perfect for hiking and camping, could be used at home too.The extra large base of silicone mat catches any spills in order to keep your floor clean. Great choice for your dogs and cats.

-Made from premium soft rubber material, This set of collapsible dog travel bowls is non-toxic and chemical-free, safe to use for your beloved puppies.


The bowl is 5" wide, 2" height.
600 ml/200 oz

Care Instructions

Do not use in Dishwasher or water temperature over 50 C degree.

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